November 6, 2023

Product Update: Rally & Qualtrics Panel Management, UserZoom Integration, Consent Form Updates, and More!

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November 6, 2023

In October, we released enhancements in Rally that continue to build on our goal of making the platform a central hub for organizing, tracking, and managing all your User Research efforts. Keep reading to learn more about what we released.

Enrich Participant Data with Rally and Qualtrics

With this integration, you don’t have to leave valuable participant data trapped in Qualtrics surveys. Now, participant data collected through Qualtrics screeners and surveys can be seamlessly and automatically mapped to Rally properties.

Store and manage all your quantitative research data from Qualtrics with all of your other research activities in one place (Rally). With this update, you can be more granular in future recruitment: every Qualtrics survey response can be used as a custom attribute for filtering, segmentation, and better panel creation.

Streamline Unmoderated Studies with Rally and UserZoom 

Invite your participants to take unmoderated tests in UserZoom, while letting Rally handle the nitty gritty of inviting and tracking your participants. Simply set up the study in UserZoom, add the link into Rally, and effortlessly track the end to end process from the initial invite to incentives.

Other Important Updates

Get participant consent for each study: 

Consent forms in Rally now include an option to require participants to sign consent forms each time they participate in a study. 

Making Rally more intuitive: 

Rally’s Studies page now remembers your most recent filter/sort, saving you time when looking for participants or studies. 

Deliver a seamless participant experience: 

We reduced the number of emails your participants receive when they reschedule an interview. 

Archive studies: 

Keep your Studies overview page clean in Rally by archiving studies when they are complete. 

Get a gut-check on ongoing projects: 

Rally now has a column that shows the % completion of a study.

Improvements and Fixes