User Research CRMs are the Foundation of Good Research

There’s a lot more to User Research than just conducting research. Tasks like recruiting users, creating and managing studies, and paying out incentives are vital to enabling quality research with quality users. Historically, these tasks have also required multiple tools and a lot of time. Sound familiar?

Teams want to do research with their own users.

This should be simple, but it's very hard to do in practice. What's standing in the way?

The customer outreach process is tedious and confusing.

Researchers have to rely on marketing or CS to reach out to customers when research needs to be done. Juggling multiple tools from spreadsheets to survey tools to e-signature platforms makes the process disjointed. Plus, setting up a few user interviews can take weeks on end.

Doing research with your users is a high stakes activity.

Your customers are your most precious asset. Delivering a pleasant experience with your brand and ensuring users aren't over-contacted for research is paramount. Capturing and storing consent, keeping their personal information safe, and following ever-changing GDPR laws is impossible to do in spreadsheets.

After years of hacking together CRMs, spreadsheets, and other non-purpose-built tools, people who do research are in desperate need of something new.

Enter the User Research CRM.

Recruiting and managing high-quality participants is no small feat. A User Research CRM solves the problems above and enables fast, continuous research, which ensures teams are spending engineering resources wisely and delivering quality products that people really need.

[YOU-zur; REE-surch; see-are-em]
a centralized hub for User Research that safely stores participants and their data, streamlines the research process, integrates with your existing tools, and elevates the impact of User Research
Crystal Kubitsky
“When I think of a User Research CRM, I think of a place to truly manage the relationship we have with the users that we include in our research activities. It’s where we can ensure we respect our shared agreement, where we value their contribution, and where we are honor our responsibility about what, when, and why we reach out to them.”
Crystal Kubitsky
Crystal Kubitsky
UX Research Operations Lead at MongoDB
Heather Ashley
“A User Research CRM is an intuitive, approachable, and secure tool that empowers our non-research teams to independently find the right participants when necessary. It’s a place where User Research and Research Ops can make valuable resources accessible to cross-functional partners (like Customer Success and Sales) and gives those within an org a better understanding of the value of Research Ops.”
Heather Ashley
Heather Ashley
User Research Coordinator at Webflow
Michelle Miles
“A User Research CRM is beneficial both in terms of creating a bank of high-quality research participants, as well as ensuring that those participants have the best possible experience when interfacing with the company.”
Michelle Miles
Michelle Miles
Research Ops Manager at Square
Allison Hall
“A User Research CRM enables us to create products that matter to our users. That means we are taking our participants’ experience seriously, are dedicated to scaling research within our org, and ensures our operations are as simple as possible. Rally’s makes it easy and transparent to connect to our users, so we can keep open lines of communication with our customers and help them succeed.”
Allison Hall
Allison Hall
UX Research Manager at Checkr

What makes a good User Research CRM?

Fueling Continuous Discovery

Ongoing research shouldn’t be an elusive dream. 1:1 meetings, collective interviews with multiple hosts, and round-robins are basic interview types that most research teams need.
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Democratizing Research

PMs, Designers and other stakeholders should be able to set up and manage their own research. Inviting team members as guests to listen in to user feedback while letting the research pros stay in control is important.
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Leveraging Existing Tools

User Research CRMs aren’t just “one more tool.” These platforms should harmonize everything from initial invites to incentives.
New Integrations

Delivering a Memorable Participant Experience

Creating welcome pages, managing consent forms, building email templates, setting cool-down periods, and paying incentives are just a few of things you’d be able to do in one place. 
Rally for Research Ops

Tapping Into Your Existing User Database

User Research CRMs like Rally automatically map properties to user data, removing duplicates, and ensuring that no existing contact data is ever lost.
More About Participant Management

Researching Securely

User Research CRMs should comply with the highest industry standards for data protection and privacy, ensuring the trust of both researchers and participants. 
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What Our Customers Have To Say

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“Rally has helped us centralize and streamline participant recruiting and communication. Its user-friendly dashboards make it easy to get a new study up and running within minutes.”

Amanda Chang
UXR at HelloFresh

“At first, I was skeptical that there was a tool that could actually do everything I was looking for, but as the months have gone by, Rally fits more and more to our needs and makes Research Ops significantly easier.”

Liron Blum
Product Ops Coordinator at Gong

“As my go-to source of truth for participant management and recruitment, Rally enabled my team to save costs and streamline research ops, end-to-end.”

Tyreek Houston
UXR Lead at ConsenSys

“I love Rally’s simplicity and info architecture — power and control where we need it, no distractions where we don’t.”

Brett Leber
Sr. Manager of UX Research at Angi

“Rally helped us shorten the recruiting time and optimize our recruiting processes. It’s easy to use and ultimately the perfect fit in helping us access existing users.”

Dmitry Bortnitski
Head of Product Research at PandaDoc

”Rally allowed us to scale research (and Research Ops) across our organization 10x faster while setting the right guardrails to ensure an excellent participant experience, high-quality research outputs, and legal/ethical compliance.”

Megan Scheminske
Senior UX Researcher at Teachable

“We've gone through every tool possible — from spreadsheets to Airtable, and a bunch of management tools. We landed on Rally as our CRM, which has helped a ton and made our Research Ops digestible and easy for the team.”

Lindsay Boylan
VP Product at Xplor

We’re All In On The Journey Ahead

Success of a User Research CRM is more than features. Gaining a trusted partner who is committed to empowering your research team to excel (without the spreadsheets) is critical.

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Big Goals, Bigger Scalability

Rally is engineered from the ground up to accommodate the growth of our customers as they add more participants to their databases. Rally is a CRM to its core, designed for the complex needs of large teams with thousands of studies, and millions of participants. 

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Users Are The Heart Of Our Mission

Rally was built after months of learning about people just like you. We want to make sure we provide you with everything you need once you’re rolling with Rally: exclusive customer events, a community of Rally users, comprehensive support documentation, and a dedicated customer success team on-call.

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