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The modern User Research CRM for growing teams

Rally empowers UX Research, Product, and Design teams to talk to their users, without disjointed tooling and messy spreadsheets.
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Teams spend way too much time manually recruiting users for research

UX Researchers, PMs, and Designers spend hours a week manually sending emails, coordinating calendars, buying gift cards, and updating messy spreadsheets, all just to talk to users.

Ditch the spreadsheet

Rally is the first User Research CRM to help teams spend less time recruiting and more time talking to their users.

  • Automate outreach, scheduling, and incentives
  • Participant management source of truth
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Build stronger customer relationships

How it works


Point us to your users

Upload a list of users or connect Rally directly to customer data sources

Launch your study

Define who to contact, availability, email content, & incentive

Talk to your users

Track study sign-ups, send follow-up emails, and pay out incentives

Your user data is safe

SOC 2 Type II Certified
GDPR and CCPA Compliant
World-class Security Infrastructure

Scale research responsibly

Rally helps growing teams engage with their users, responsibly and at scale.
Create rules around contact frequency, research participation, total incentives paid out, and more
Advanced Participant Profiles
Track and manage all interactions your team has with your users, across the organization.
Data Integrations
Connect Rally to your CRM and product usage data to get rid of silos and keep participant profiles in sync.
Privacy & Security
Keeping your customer data safe is our top priority. Please reach out to privacy@rallyuxr.com for more details.

Ready to ditch the spreadsheet?