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We’re building the first User Research CRM to empower teams to talk to their users more and grow Research impact throughout the entire organization.
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Our values are at the core of everything we do.

Welcome to Rally, where we take customer focus to the next level. We believe in prioritizing our customers because, let's face it, without them, we'd just be a bunch of nerds with fancy software. From squashing bugs to tackling the big challenges, we see our relationship with customers as a partnership that we are building on together.

Sharing insights is our jam, and fostering curiosity is our bread and butter. We encourage inquisitiveness about our decisions, openness about company decisions and finances, and foster a collaborative environment where asking questions and committing to self-improvement are the norms.

User First

By getting to the heart of our users' challenges, we not only make their lives better with our quick, expert responses and unstoppable drive to wow them, but we also build a culture where long-term success and partnership are everything.

Bias towards impact

We see risks and mistakes as opportunities to grow, always keeping customer impact front and center. By finding the right mix of thinking and doing, we solve problems fast, learn on the go, and keep getting better, all while staying tuned into what our customers need.


We're all about obsessing over quality and details, aiming to excel in everything from our user experience to internal documentation, GIF usage, and swag.This dedication ensures we not only build incredible products but also foster meaningful customer relationships with high standards and consistency.


We're big on open communication, tackling challenges together for quick, customer-focused results. By valuing team creativity over ego, we keep information flowing, boosting our collective success and smart decision-making.


Kudos is all about cheering on our team's hard work in pushing Rally forward through problem-solving and innovation. We celebrate every win, big or small, reflecting our commitment to user focus, quick decisions, quality, and openness. This culture really values and recognizes effort.

Life at Rally

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Sydney Lawson
"Rally’s culture stands out from other companies I have worked at because it is a dynamic blend of innovation, collaboration, and support for creativity. Every day, I'm inspired by the passion and dedication of my colleagues, who constantly push boundaries and challenge what’s been done before. At Rally, we not only embrace diversity of thought but actively seek it out, knowing that it's the fuel for groundbreaking ideas and transformative solutions. Rally isn’t just a place to work - we’re building a community of experts where every perspective is heard, valued, and celebrated."
Sydney Lawson
Sydney Lawson
Product Marketing Manager
Dave Chen
"Rally's values influence my day-to-day work by guiding my decisions and driving me to embody the behaviors we care about as a team. I feel that making values driven decisions sets me and the company up for long term success."
Dave Chen
Dave Chen
Head of Design
Mohamed Gueye
"I would describe Rally's culture as 'GSD' (Get Stuff :ahem: Done) while also having fun as a team. We are building a quality product while placing great importance on getting to know each other, not just as teammates, but as humans. Despite being a remote team, we like to build quality relationships with one another. As an added bonus, we like to have a blast when we all meet in person."
Mohamed Gueye
Mohamed Gueye
Founding Engineer

Perks and benefits

Generous PTO

Recharge and relax on your terms. We believe in balancing hard work with ample time off to rest, explore, and spend time with loved ones.

Competitive salary & equity

Become a stakeholder in our success with employee equity and enjoy competitive salaries that reflect your contributions, ensuring you’re valued and fairly compensated for your contributions.

Medical, dental, & vision

Your health and wellbeing are paramount. Enjoy comprehensive healthcare plans that have you covered.

Company offsites

At Rally, we’re friends first and we will always foster that no matter what. Despite being a fully remote team, we prioritize quarterly offsites and opportunities to work in person.

Work flex schedule

Choose your hours to match your peak productivity, whether you're an early bird or a night owl. We support your work style for maximum efficiency.

Work from home stipend

Create your perfect home office setup. We support your productivity and comfort with a stipend to enhance your remote work experience.

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