Energize Product Decisions By Connecting Directly With Users

Product Managers and Designers use Rally to unlock continuous product research through organized participant and study management. Be confident that customer needs remain at the forefront of every strategic decision.

Run Your Own Research

Rally empowers PMs & Designers to run their own research while maintaining industry best practices and company-wide standards. Confidently conduct the research you need without over contacting customers.

Turn Research Into Routine

Organizing customer research shouldn’t feel like a chore. Rally makes it easy to access and schedule various types of ongoing research: interviews, surveys, and unmoderated testing.

Transparency For The Team

Check in on ongoing research studies at-a-glance. Livestream interviews through Observer Rooms and listen to user research firsthand.

Why do PMs & designers use Rally for participant recruitment and study management?

Research Power Meets User Ease

Even newcomers feel like pros in Rally. Our interface has been crafted to enable product managers and designers who are just getting started in Rally to have an intuitive experience.

Conduct A Variety Of Study Types

Rally helps recruit your users for any type of research you want to conduct, using the tools you want to conduct it with. Easily build and conduct Interviews, Unmoderated Tests, and Surveys.

Connect With the Right Users

Get more granular when recruiting for your research project: filter by custom attributes, research history, demographic data, survey responses, internal data from Salesforce or Snowflake, and more.

Continuous Research With Rolling Availability

Create custom, personalized email templates to invite, schedule, remind and send incentives to participants. Increase participation rates with Rally’s reliable scheduling.

Unlock Self-Serve Research

Schedule interviews without having to rely on Customer Success or Research teams. Get a separate calendar invite link to view ongoing interviews through Observer Rooms.

Be Confident In Consent Forms

Don’t worry about tracking down the right consent forms for studies. Easily access and select custom-built consent form templates so that you get the right consent every time.