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We’ve officially launched our partnership with UserTesting, made significant updates to participant tables, and added several new quality of life updates that will save you even more time in Rally.

With the Rally and UserTesting integration, customers can capture rich, video-based insights in UserTesting or UserZoom while tapping into Rally to recruit their own users. This integration benefits Rally customers who are already using UserTesting to conduct unmoderated tests. It will also benefit research teams using UserTesting who need a way to recruit and manage their own participants for research. 

What's new in Rally's User Research CRM?

Happy New Year! We hope you had an amazing holiday season and that the new year brings you nothing but good vibes, exciting adventures, and great research. Over December and through the holiday break, we've been hard at work cooking up some new updates and improvements focused around usability, personalization, and democratization. 

The month of November was a fast paced one for us here at Rally. We're excited to share the latest enhancements, designed to give you more usage and activity data to make strategic decisions for your research team. 

In October, we released enhancements in Rally that continue to build on our goal of making the platform a central hub for organizing, tracking, and managing all your User Research efforts. Keep reading to learn more about what we released. 

studies at rally user research crm

We have upgraded Studies in Rally and re-built both the study builder & study management experience from the ground up. Studies includes new purpose-built workflows for 3 study types (interviews, surveys, and unmoderated tests), powerful new integrations, updated study statuses, refreshed governance rules, a slick UI, and much much more! 

Real-time Slack notifications for participant activities, integration with the Snowflake data warehouse for easier data querying, and a simplified team onboarding flow to streamline setup and account activation.

Bulk-add properties during list imports, schedule studies with personalized availability and conflict resolution, and instantly qualify or disqualify participants using conditional logic. The update also includes new comprehensive support documentation.

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