The Ultimate Scheduling Solution for Research Teams

Coordinating with participants, juggling team schedules, and ensuring a smooth flow of studies is a daunting challenge. Create a frictionless and happy scheduling experience for participants and team members with Rally.

Effortless Scheduling Across All Time Zones

No need to manage multiple team calendars, video conferencing tools, and team-wide availability. Invite and book participant interviews easily and conveniently in Rally.

One Master Scheduler For Team-Wide Availability

Connect your calendar and get granular with settings that cover meeting conflicts, buffer times, rescheduling options and more. Or, connect your Calendly account directly. Use Zoom, Google Meets, or any other custom link to host interviews.

Fuel Perpetual Discovery

The elusive dream of ongoing research is now possible with Rally’s standard 1:1 meetings, collective interviews with multiple hosts, and round-robins.

Why do leading research teams use Rally for scheduling?

Flexible Scheduling For Global Teams

Connect your team’s individual calendars and get interviews booked for yourself or on behalf of your colleagues, regardless of the time zone.

Control Your Workday

Set buffer times between meetings, create a maximum number of interviews per day, and set a minimum booking notice so you or your team can come fully prepared.

Convenient For Everyone

No need to sacrifice your lunch hour to hit interview targets. Rally allows each member of your team to connect their own calendar and personal availability preferences.

Continuous Research With Rolling Availability

Book more meetings with opted-in participants. Set recurring availability for yourself or team members using rolling date ranges.

No More No-Shows

Create custom email templates to invite, schedule, remind and send incentives to participants. Increase participation rates with Rally’s reliable scheduling.

Granular Calendar Management

Don’t let meeting conflicts and rescheduling slow down research. Update your preferences to decide whether internal meetings can be booked over with interviews.

Explore Rally's Features

Participant Management

Build rich participant profiles using data from every participant touchpoint across your research efforts.
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Upload a list of opted-in customers or integrate with your company’s CRM to start recruiting ideal participants.
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Create a frictionless and happy scheduling experience for participants and team members with Rally.
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Send thank-yous to participants around the globe, regardless of your research method.
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Panel Management

Recruit panelists for ongoing research while centralizing the end-to-end research process in one place.
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Governance & Compliance

Your customers are your best asset. Protecting them is core to Rally’s DNA.
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The “Don’t Be Shy, We Know You’re Curious” List

A list of the most frequently asked questions about Rally:

How does Rally handle recruitment?

Rally provides a robust CRM and powerful recruitment tools for you to manage and recruit your own users for research. Rally doesn’t recruit on your behalf, nor do we have our own panel of participants to recruit from. 

Import your database of opted-in customers and continue building a diverse and representative pool of participants. Recruit using custom attributes, survey results, or research engagement history. 

View Recruitment to learn more.

Can Rally integrate with our existing tools and systems?

We integrate with the most popular and widely used tools in the research community. Connect tools like UserTesting, UserZoom, Maze, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Typeform and more. Don’t see your favorite survey or testing tool in that list? Don’t worry - Rally supports custom links to allow you to connect any tool you want, regardless of the study type. 

By connecting your preferred tools to your participant database, you can keep doing research with your own real users, using your favorite methodologies and tools.

Visit our Integrations page to learn more.

What security measures are in place to protect participant data and privacy?

Securing your customer’s data is core to Rally’s DNA and has been our top priority from day one. Check out all the security and privacy measures that we’ve put in place to protect your data and keep your research process compliant on our Security page. 

Is Rally scalable to accommodate the growth of our research initiatives?

Rally is engineered from the ground up to accommodate the growth of our customers as they add more participants to their databases. Rally is a CRM to its core, designed for the complex needs of large teams with thousands of studies, and hundreds of thousands of participants. 

What kind of support, training, and resources are available to help our team get started?

Our customers have gotten us to where we are today, and we don’t say that lightly. From the moment you talk to a Rally expert, our team is by your side, ensuring you have all the tools and knowledge you need to make informed decisions and get the most out of our platform. We provide personalized guidance throughout your journey. 

When you’re up and rolling with Rally, you’ll have access to exclusive resources including customer events, a community of Rally users, comprehensive support documentation, and a dedicated customer success team on-call.

Success of a new platform implementation is so much more than features: with Rally, you're not just adopting a research platform; you're gaining a trusted partner who is committed to empowering your research team to excel.

Read more about our Commitment to Support here!

Where can I learn more about Rally’s Security?

Visit our Security page here. Visit our Trust Center in Vanta to view our SOC 2 Type II certification, penetration tests, infrastructure security, and more.

How does Rally protect researchers' privacy?

Rally prioritizes researchers' privacy by employing robust security measures. All databases and backups are encrypted at rest with AES-256, block-level storage encryption. 

Rally uses a third-party to perform annual penetration tests to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in our application. To request a copy of our annual pentest, email

Our platform grants Research Operations Managers control over access permissions, ensuring data integrity. Compliant with stringent data protection regulations, we safeguard researchers' confidentiality, fostering a secure environment for seamless research endeavors.

Visit our Security page to learn more.