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August 22, 2022

The Rise and Rise of the UXR

Why is user research in such high demand across every company size and industry imaginable? We're here to find out.

The UXR role is growing like wildfire…in every corner of the market.

At Rally, we’re fortunate to talk to UXRs, all day, every day…it's kind of our job. 😉 In reflecting on the hundreds of conversations we’ve had with UXRs, it’s staggering how diverse representation has been across company size, industry, and geography.

One day we might chat with a UXR at a 10-person startup in Germany, a few hours later we’ll meet a UXR at IBM. Representation has ranged from companies as small as 5 employees, all the way up to the biggest corporations in the world. Industries have ranged from traditional B2B SaaS and consumer software to real estate, electronics distribution, meal-kit delivery, trademarking, law, and eCommerce firms.

It seems like UXR quite literally has no bounds.💪 No matter the size of the company, the audience, or the industry, the shift to digital products in the last 10 years has driven a massive need for UXR.

We’ll go more into the WHY in a bit. But before that, we were curious about just how MUCH the role has been growing, and what subsets of the market exhibited the most growth…

So we went to the data.

To find these numbers, we searched LinkedIn for roles like User Researcher, UX Researcher, Product Researcher, Design Researcher, Research Operations, and User Experience Researcher.

We scraped LinkedIn to measure the growth of the UXR role across company sizes from tiny 5-50-person startups to behemoth 1,000+ employee enterprise. The only constant? They’re all growing at nearly the same exact rate — 13-16% growth in the past 60 days alone. What does this growth rate mean exactly? While today there are ~50,000 UXRs in the world, in the next 5 years there will be >250,000 UXRs, in every type of company, in every corner of the market.

10 years ago, this was simply not the case. UXRs only existed at the biggest tech firms in the world. Where would a UXR fit into a real estate firm? A meal-kit delivery company? A startup?

So what’s driving this change? 🤔

WHY is UXR all of the sudden in such high demand, across every company size and industry imaginable?

Let’s find out together! 🤜 🤛 Join us on a journey through diverse industries as we interview UXRs and uncover the why. We’re going to begin our journey at the natural entry point – startups. Then you can follow along as we explore other corners of the UXR world like B2B, B2C, and more!

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