October 23, 2023

Introducing Studies Redefined!

studies at rally user research crm
October 23, 2023

Do more research in less time with Rally’s Studies release

Rally's User Research CRM has just released a significant upgrade, and we're about to dive into all the details. We have upgraded Studies in Rally and re-built both the study builder & study management experience from the ground up. Studies includes new purpose-built workflows for 3 study types (interviews, surveys, and unmoderated tests), powerful new integrations, updated study statuses, refreshed governance rules, a slick UI, and much much more! 

Studies allows you to effortlessly track research participation in Rally, no matter the type of study. Welcome to Studies – the future of research participant management! 🧐

What’s new? 

The perfect blend of research power and user ease

Are you a newbie in Rally, or do you know someone who is? With a new, guided study building experience, even newcomers will feel like pros. This user interface overhaul is designed to help activate Researchers, Designers, and Product Managers who are just stepping into the world of Rally. It's like having a friendly mentor by your side. Plus, with Rally’s user roles and permissions, you can give your team just the right amount of access to be productive. And they won’t have to worry about unintentional mishaps.

New study types now available in Rally

One of the most exciting updates in Studies is the ability to create and manage multiple study types. Whether you're conducting 1:1 Interviews, Unmoderated Tests, or Surveys, Rally’s got you covered. We're all about helping you recruit users for any type of research you want to conduct, using the tools you want to conduct it with. 

A closer look at Rally’s new study types

1:1 Interviews: Rally’s flexible scheduling tool helps you easily coordinate interviews with participants regardless if it’s 1:1, collective, or round robin with your team. Connect your Google Calendar or Calendly account to easily view team availability and schedule interviews directly in Rally.

Surveys: Create and send surveys using Rally's survey solution, or take advantage of our new, first class integrations with Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey and Typeform. Or, use your own custom survey link. Send out surveys with the tool you’re used to, while still tracking participants in Rally. 

Unmoderated Tests: Get feedback straight from your users without changing the way you conduct unmoderated tests. Easily link UserTesting, UserZoom, Maze or any other testing tool to Rally when you set up this type of study. 

Connect the research tools you already use, while managing participants in Rally

With our new integrations, you can seamlessly connect to tools like Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey or Typeform. Manage test links for UserTesting, Maze, and UserZoom (coming soon)! Don’t see your favorite survey or testing tool in that list? Don’t worry - you can use any tool you want by entering a custom link. By connecting your preferred tools to your participant database, you can keep doing research the way you're used to – just better.

Prevent over contacting participants with new governance rules

Studies introduces workspace-level rules that allow you to determine how frequently users can participate in surveys, unmoderated tests, and interviews. This is a big step towards research democratization. These new governance rules in Rally make it easier to understand how often your users have been contacted and which users are engaged. Thanks to Rally’s cool down periods, you can avoid overloading users with frequent requests. This ensures a more balanced and respectful approach to participant engagement.

Studies also brings you:

Monitor who has completed what type of study: 

Get more granularity when tracking who has completed studies with participant statuses like Invited, Not Started, In Progress, Done and Canceled. Get insight into what studies have been completed and by whom. 

Have more control and flexibility when inviting participants to studies:

  • Reach your users where they are by inviting them to complete studies either through email or a public link. 
  • Optionally add a welcome page to your study, regardless of how you share it!

Stay on top of research projects and know when to take next steps:

Get notifications via email, Slack, or directly in Rally when studies are completed. View % completion of studies to get a quick glance at how far along your study is. 

Archive studies:

Keep your studies homepage clean in Rally by archiving studies when they are complete. 

With Studies, Rally empowers you to recruit and manage research participants without disrupting your current processes. This means more research, more insights, and less hassle. 

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