July 2, 2024

Rally Recognized as a User Research Leader & July Product Updates

July 2, 2024

As July is heating up, so have our latest product updates at Rally. This changelog includes everything from our G2 badge recognitions to new team members, improved participant communication features, and more. We’ve got hot news to share that’s made our summer even brighter…

Rally is recognized as a Leader in User Research Platforms! 

We are absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news – Rally has just been awarded G2 badges for Best Support, Easiest to do Business With, High Performer in Enterprise User Research and more! This achievement is a major milestone for us, and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible support and feedback from our customers, who are really the ones driving innovation in Research and Research Operations.

Read our reviews here.

“Thank you to all of our incredible customers for your support and belief in us. We have been blown away by each and every G2 review that you wrote. This milestone is less about a few badges and 5-star reviews, and more about highlighting you and the amazing work you’re each doing to transform Research Ops at your organizations. Your feedback, insights and stories will help shine light on what Rally can unlock for thousands of more companies that are trying to do more, high quality research with their users. We can’t wait to continue prioritizing our customers and building a world-class Research Ops Platform with you at the center of it. Thank you again!” - Oren Friedman, Co-founder at CEO at Rally

“Connecting teams to their users has been the driving force behind everything we do. These badges aren’t just a recognition of our hard work; they are a testament to the strong and vibrant community and platform that we have co-developed together with our customers. We're immensely grateful to our customers for their ongoing trust and support. Can't wait to continue growing the platform with customers!” - Alec Robins, Co-founder and CTO at Rally

Thank you to all our users for being an integral part of our journey and helping us achieve this recognition. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow and innovate with you by our side.

Add and manage multiple emails for participants 

Streamline participant outreach by managing multiple email addresses in one profile. 

✨ Assign primary and secondary email addresses to one participant profile so that screener and survey responses are automatically mapped to that participant. 

✨Improve communication and reduce no-shows with the ability to contact participants through their professional or personal emails. 

✨Transfer existing participation history by adding the participant’s new email address to their existing profile.

Note: If you don't add someone's secondary email to their profile and they use that address to engage with a Rally study, a new profile will be created.

More transparency in interview confirmation emails for Researchers  

Now, Rally includes the Study Name in the email subject and a link to the study in the body of  interview confirmation emails. This helps Researchers know exactly what Study an interview got booked for, especially when multiple studies are going on at once.

We’re growing our team!

We've recently welcomed a new Sr. Product Designer and two new Sr. Software Engineers, and we are actively hiring for more talented folks to join our team. This growth reflects our commitment to supporting our customers with their daily activities, while also building and strategizing for the future of Rally. Join us in welcoming:

👋 Erica Wilhelmy, Senior Product Designer

👋 Jerry Gray, Senior Software Engineer

👋 Julio Ledesma, Senior Software Engineer

View our current open roles here.

Improvements and Fixes
  • Screeners and surveys can no longer be submitted twice by the same Participant for the same Study. This avoids overwriting original responses or attempts to bypass disqualification logic.
  • Your Salesforce integration will now show an error message when a Salesforce property is deleted, or when the Rally role in Salesforce doesn’t have permission to access the data. Visit Settings > Connected Apps > Manage Salesforce Connection > Data Syncs to view any error messages. 
  • Track down properties more easily – we reordered First Name and Last Name in Person profiles.
  • Save scrolling time when selecting dates in Rally (for example, when you’re updating a participant’s birthday). We reordered date selection to put more recent years at the top.