July 26, 2023

Product Update 7.26: Revamped Study Scheduling and more

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July 26, 2023

We're excited to introduce the latest updates in our User Research CRM. Continue reading for details and video explainers on our five newest updates.

Bulk-add new properties when you import lists into Rally

Our latest update now allows you to bulk-add new single and multi-select properties when you import a list of people into Rally. When you upload a list of people, Rally will automatically identify and create any new properties found in your list. 

Properties are fields that store important data associated with a person and their research activity. 

Revamped Study Scheduling

Once you’ve connected your calendar in Rally, you can access the revamped Rally Scheduler, which enables seamless scheduling by allowing hosts to set personal availability, automatically handle meeting conflicts, set booking limits, and manage time zones. 

Set Personal Availability

Each team member can input their own personal availability and the Rally Scheduler determines what time slots work best based on the selected scheduling type and hosts. This option is best for larger teams or teams that include multiple time zones. For smaller teams or situations where 1-2 people are doing research and have little variation in schedules, you can select a common schedule for all hosts (e.g. you want to always conduct research Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1-6 pm). 

Handle meeting conflicts automatically

As Participants book time, Rally will automatically handle meeting conflicts based on your preferences. Next time you’re setting up your study calendar, you can choose from three options:

  • Protect the existing meetings on your calendar
  • Protect meetings you say ‘Yes’ to, but allow participants to book over time you say ‘Maybe’ or ‘No’ to
  • Give participants your maximum availability and let them book over all your meetings
Set booking limits

Within Rally, you can now set the following booking limits:

  1. Set buffer time before and after interviews to allow for preparation or wrap-up.
  2. Specify the minimum booking notice to avoid last-minute booking surprises. Time slots within the minimum booking notice window won't be displayed.
  3. Choose the increment of available start times to show invitees, offering more options with smaller increments.
  4. Set the daily interview limit, which restricts the number of interviews that can be booked in a given day for the study. Leaving it blank means unlimited interviews per day.
Manage time zones for seamless team scheduling

Got team members working around the world? No problem. Your teammate in NYC and your other teammate in Dublin can each set their working hours and Rally will handle the different timezones automatically for you when participants are booking interviews.

Instantly qualify or disqualify participants with conditional screener logic

Our latest update allows you to instantly qualify or disqualify participants using conditional logic. Rally utilizes IF/THEN statements in its conditional logic to determine a participant's outcome. Through conditional screener logic, you can qualify, disqualify, or redirect a participant to a specific question based on their response to a single-select, multi-select, or drop-down screener question.

Screeners in Rally help you select the right participants for your research. When creating studies or panel sign-up forms, you can include a screener using our screener builder. With the screener builder you can craft new questions.

Questions? Check out our new Rally Support Docs

We’re excited to introduce our brand-new Support Docs, your go-to resource for everything Rally. Here you’ll find comprehensive guides that break down everything you can do in Rally with easy-to-understand explanations and step-by-step instructions.

Whether you're a newcomer seeking to understand the fundamentals, or a seasoned user looking for in-depth information on advanced functionalities, our Support Docs are designed to empower you to leverage Rally to its fullest potential. Let these documents be your roadmap as you navigate through Rally.

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