The Definitive Guide to Participant Management and Recruitment

Participant Management and recruitment are the backbone of your research process — but the reality is that recruiting your own real users for research isn’t easy. This guide will help people who do research in every industry build an A+ Participant Management strategy. Use this ebook to cut down the time and effort it takes to talk to users, enable less biased research insights, and drive the best experience possible for your participants.

Expert advice on panel building, Participant Experience, tooling, democratization, ethical research, and more.

This guide includes:


Guidelines for Democratization

“A proper democratization program is intentional, well-resourced, and provides significant guidance, guardrails, and oversight.”


The Participant Experience

“It’s important that participants associate research with real people. Name the researcher participants will speak to so they know they'll be interacting with an actual human and be primed for the experience.”


Ethical & Compliant Research

“Research Ops sets up the processes for ethical and compliant research, but researchers handle most of the data. Everyone needs to care about it and be on the same page. After setting up these processes, it’s your job to train, educate, and enforce them.”


Panel Building & Management

“If you have the right questions at the start, it’s much easier to get real people that you need. You’ll want to make sure you are inviting the right people and not wasting their time on the wrong studies.”