Rally for Enterprise

Empower teams to talk to their users more and grow Research impact across the whole company.

Scale Research in your organization.

Disjointed and siloed User Research processes are inefficient, not compliant with GDPR, and can harm customer relationships. How teams get research off the ground is equally as important as where they store insights. Teams want less manual work and more streamlined ways to do research.

Rally is a User Research CRM designed to empower teams who do research. Recruit your own users, manage participants, scheduling, and incentives from one platform. Build efficient, compliant processes that anyone can adopt, and keep track of all studies happening across departments and teams.

Empower your teams with the best data

Research teams need open and connected platforms. Securely connect customer insights between data sources and eliminate data siloes.

Salesforce Integration:

  • Field-level control with one-way or two-way sync.
  • Access record types and lists in Salesforce.
  • Auditable data sync history.

Simplify cross-team collaboration

Make research instantly more visible across teams and departments. Teams can see all studies happening in one place. No more status update meetings twice a week just to know what’s happening.

  • See study status and progress across teams.
  • Assign study owners so it’s clear who’s running the study.
  • Get notifications when studies are published or completed.

Advanced roles and permissions

Set user roles and permissions that make sense for your Research teams. Manage everything with Super Admin permissions. Grant limited access with Observer roles for stakeholders.

Oversight and governance rules

Stop worrying about over-contacting your user base and let more people do research at scale.

  • Contact limits and participation cooldowns
  • Incentive limits
  • Blocklist and opt-outs
  • Contact history and overrides

Additional features for the enterprise

API access for opt-out management
Secure data import and export
Incentive tracking, funding, and reporting
Custom consent forms, NDAs, and research agreements
Configure workflows and quotas for studies
Custom email domains
Dedicated customer support and success
Qualtrics surveys integrated with studies

Secure and reliable

Enterprise-grade security and data protection is the foundation of Rally’s platform.

Secure logins

Easily enable single sign-on (SSO) for your workspace using SAML 2.0 identity management providers.

Data protection

Your user data is protected with SOC 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliance. Data encryption and secure infrastructure ensure sensitive data remains safe.

Brett Leber
"Rally has given us the ability to manage the research participant ecosystem from end to end, resulting in higher quality participants, reduced recruiting time, cost savings, and ultimately better human insights. I love Rally's human touch, which is a breath of fresh air in a world of large vendors."
Brett Leber
Brett Leber
Sr. Manager of UX Research at Angi
Amanda Chang
"Rally has helped us centralize and streamline participant recruiting and communication. Its user-friendly dashboards make it easy to get a new study up and running within minutes. This means we can deliver product insights faster and more efficiently.”
Amanda Chang
Amanda Chang
UXR at HelloFresh
Maria de Caris
“As a SaaS business, Rally enables us to be more tactful in the ways and frequency in which we reach out to our customers, which is really important to our success. It’s also encouraged us to be more compliant in our processes.”
Maria de Caris
Maria de Caris
UX Researcher at Checkr
Eva Frieden
“Rally has helped democratize recruitment across our research team. Researchers are able to quickly and effectively recruit customers for studies. We have so appreciated Rally's ability to listen and partner with us in an effort to reform their product to best fit our teams' needs!”
Eva Frieden
Eva Frieden
Research Operations at HelloFresh