Where research takes flight

Rally makes it easy to talk to your users, without disjointed tools getting in the way.

Easily recruit your own users

Build & manage research panels

Streamline research across teams

Stay compliant & keep user data safe

Ready, set, launch.

Get your research off the ground in hours, not days or weeks. Rally gives you a central starting point for your research. It’s where the whole team can create, review, and launch new studies.
recruitment Automation

Speedier, smarter participant recruitment

Seamlessly segment your audience, send out emails, screen participants, capture consent, schedule interviews, and send out incentives. All from one streamlined tool that’s purpose-built for the UXR workflow.

Email automation

Create personalized email templates for every type of outreach, and automate sending.

Smart screeners

Screeners with skip logic and auto-qualification to find your best fit participants, fast.

Robust team scheduling

Scheduling that connects to your team’s calendars and dynamically updates availability for participants.

Cross channel

Share your study and reach your users wherever they are, with public study links.

Leave the paperwork to us

Rally takes care of the admin work so you can take care of research. Get consent and distribute incentives, with just a few clicks.


Automatically capture consent for new participants or each study. Centralize where you manage your consent forms, opt-outs, and research agreements.


Securely send incentives that your participants can claim worldwide. Track who’s claimed them and manage your incentives budget.

Do research your way

Our study builder lets you set up and run a variety of study types. It’s flexible and integrated with popular research tools, so you can streamline your workflow.

Mixed methods

Run interviews, surveys, unmoderated tests, and configure the workflow to match.

Plug and play

Use tools you already have with Rally, like Qualtrics, Zoom, Calendly, and more.

CRM Platform

Ditch the spreadsheets

Rally brings all of your past participants and studies together, and makes it easy for you to launch your next study with confidence. Your users are no longer lost among spreadsheets or mixed up between deals & leads in sales and marketing tools.

Rich contact profiles

See every interaction a participant had with your brands across all your studies.

Stay in sync

Keeps participant records up to date with customer data sources across your company.

Advanced segments

Quickly target the right users with powerful filters, and save segments for your teams to use.

Dynamic properties

Auto-enrich participant properties with every screener, keeping your segments accurate.

Build diverse panels

Streamline your recruitment by organizing people into panels. Panels let you separate user populations, centralize recruitment efforts, and more easily apply governance.

Multiple Panels

Build out your primary research panel, a group of beta testers, or a voice of the customer group. All while keeping your database free from duplicate contacts.

Targeted signups

Recruit your customers to join a research panel with sign up pages tailored for each audience.


Unlock research for all

Whether your goal is to democratize or centralize, Rally’s CRM platform helps you scale up research processes. Empower teams to engage with their users responsibly. And grow the impact of User Research across your company.

Eliminate the siloes

Make research instantly more visible across teams and departments. Teams can see all their studies in one place.

Promote good habits

Set up templates to make it easier to do better research, and more often.

Measure activity

Track research activity by users and teams, and see how just much more research got done.

User roles

Set up SSO & user permissions that give each user the right level of access.

Governance rules

Create rules around contact frequency, research participation, total incentives paid out, and more.

Free to contact

Easily see who’s free to contact for studies and audit contact status history.

Pll masking

Keep sensitive user data private, while still allowing research to happen.

Opt-outs and blocklists

Sync opt-outs across your customer data sources. Use a blocklist to enforce do not contacts.

A great participant experience every time

Deliver an exceptional participant experience that shows you value them as your customer. Participants will love your beautiful branded study components and hassle free incentives. Rally ensures they get a consistent experience no matter who is doing the research.
Eva Frieden
“Rally has helped democratize recruitment across our research team. Researchers are able to quickly and effectively recruit customers for studies. We have so appreciated Rally's ability to listen and partner with us in an effort to reform their product to best fit our teams' needs!”
Eva Frieden
Eva Frieden
Research Operations at HelloFresh
Jon Billett
"Rally gave us the ability to seamlessly connect with our users and become better advocates for them. With its powerful Incentives feature and single source of truth for user outreach data and history, Rally has encouraged best practices and produced results. It's an invaluable tool for anyone in product design and research."
Jon Billett
Jon Billett
Director of Product Design at Guru
Liron Blum
"Rally has transformed my approach to Research Ops with its powerful tracking capabilities. I can easily view scheduled meetings, contact history, and collaborate more strategically with the Product team. Plus, I love being able to give PMs the value of tracking their conversations with users. It's truly life-changing for anyone in the world of user research."
Liron Blum
Liron Blum
Product Ops at Gong

Deep integrations

Rally is a platform that connects to your favorite tools and key customer data sources. We integrate deeply, and believe your tools work better together.

Use advanced survey tools, and track participation in Rally.
Sync customer data in and out of Rally, with field level control.
Connect your inbox, calendar, and video conferencing tools.