September 5, 2023

Product Update 9.5: Slack Notifications, Snowflake Integration, and more

a computer screen with the words what's new in rally on it
September 5, 2023

Here's what's new in our User Research CRM. Continue reading for details on our three newest updates, plus our latest improvements and bug fixes.

Notifications in Slack

You can now receive real-time updates in Slack when participants complete screeners, submit consent forms, or sign up for interviews. Within Rally, you can choose which actions you receive notifications for and what method, either via Slack or email. To choose your preferences and stay up-to-date on these participant actions, make sure to link your Slack and email accounts to Rally.

Sync data from Snowflake to Rally

Say hello to our latest data warehouse integration: Snowflake. Now, People Who Do Research (PWDR) can query participant data using Rally’s advanced filtering UI without the need to learn SQL or be dependent on a data science team. With this integration, you can sync columns in your Snowflake tables directly to properties within Rally. Follow these steps to integrate your Snowflake account to Rally now.

New way to invite your team to Rally

Adding your team members to a new tool can be a time consuming task added to your already extensive to-do list. Now, with Rally's new onboarding flow, you simply invite your team to join, and Rally handles the rest. Your team members will be seamlessly guided through the setup and account activation, saving you both time and effort.

Improvements and Fixes


  • Add images directly to your emails.
  • Add a new person to studies without needing to go to People.
  • Qualify users who reach the end of a screener or panel.
  • Participants are now prompted to "View Next Month" if there is no availability for current month being displayed.
  • Field-level control of Salesforce sync.
  • Limit email sign-ups to company domains only (work emails).
  • Blocklist reason now renders as a tooltip over the contact status badge.
  • New date range picker for selected availability ranges.
  • Newly booked interviews are now automatically accepted.
  • Selecting date ranges is much easier with our updated date picker UI.

Bug fixes

  • Interviews are now marked as "Canceled" when a participant declines attendance.
  • Disconnected hosts aren't considered for Round Robin selection.
  • Welcome emails can now only be sent to panelists.