December 4, 2023

Product Update: Email Insights, Incentive Budgets, Quality of Life Updates

a computer screen with the words what's new in rally on it
December 4, 2023

The month of November was a fast paced one for us here at Rally. But let’s be real - what month isn’t? We're excited to share the latest enhancements, designed to give you more usage and activity data to make strategic decisions for your research team. 

Let's dive into the updates we've rolled out:

Email Insights to Gain Comprehensive Visibility

Our newly introduced Email Insights dashboard is designed to provide you with comprehensive oversight of your email communications within a given Study. Access email insights from studies created November 15 and onwards by navigating to your Study Overview page and accessing the new “Outbox” section. 

👉 View what emails were sent, at what time, and by whom.

👉 Get a high-level overview of your email performance metrics such as open rates, click rates, and bounce rates.

👉 Email statuses 

👉 Drill down for detailed insights on individual participant engagement.

Incentive Budgets to Manage Team Spend

Incentive Budgets enable you to create and manage distinct incentive budgets in Rally.

👉Set up new budgets: ReOps Managers & Admins in Rally can visit Settings → Incentive Budgets to create and fund new budgets for specific studies, departments, or business units. Transfer funds between budgets in just a few clicks.

👉Start sending: Select the budget you’d like to pull from without leaving Rally’s study builder. When running a study, Researchers in Rally can select and send incentives from specific budgets.

👉Track & export incentive activity: By clicking on the “Incentives” tab in Rally, you can easily view and export incentive insights such as available funds by budget, claimed and unclaimed incentive amounts, number of incentives sent, and incentive activity by participant. Cancel incentives from this page too, if needed.

Some quality of life updates: 

Intuitive Scheduling

When a participant books an interview, Rally’s scheduling calendar will automatically open to the first day that has availability, starting with the start month for the study. If the start month does not have availability, but the next month does, then the next month will load. 

Alphabetical Property Value Sorting

Save time when searching for property values to update. Now, property values in Rally will sort as expected in alphabetical order, regardless of title case.

Improvements and Fixes