January 30, 2024

Rally 🤝 UserTesting | Partnership & Integration Launch

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January 30, 2024

We’re excited to announce our partnership and integration with UserTesting!

With the Rally and UserTesting integration, customers can capture rich, video-based insights in UserTesting or UserZoom while tapping into Rally to recruit their own users.

This integration benefits Rally customers who are already using UserTesting to conduct unmoderated tests. It will also benefit research teams using UserTesting who need a way to recruit and manage their own participants for research. 

Explore the integration: 

Take a tour of the product to see how Rally and UserTesting work together:

What’s possible with Rally & UserTesting 

👉Recruit your own users: Upload a list of opted-in customers or integrate with your company's CRM for recruiting ideal participants for unmoderated tests. 

👉Custom Screeners: Send tailored screeners to find the perfect match for testing and save responses as custom attributes for future use.

👉Seamless Testing: Conduct unmoderated tests seamlessly using UserTesting and capture rich, video-based insights.

👉Enhanced Participation: Increase participation rates with custom, personalized emails for inviting, reminding, and providing incentives to participants.

👉Comprehensive Tracking: Track and report on user engagement from the initial invite to incentives.


Read UserTesting’s press release 

View Rally’s support documentation to see how to set up an unmoderated test 

Visit UserTesting’s Rally integration page 

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Integration Requirements:

  • UserTesting account 
  • UserTesting Admin access
  • Rally Admin access 
  • This integration is free for Rally and UserTesting customers.
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