The 2024 ReOps Playbook

Research Operations forms the foundation for organizations that genuinely value customer insights and aspire to create user-centered products and services. Whether you’re new to ReOps or seeking to enrich your existing practice, use this comprehensive guide — co-created with experienced ReOps leaders — to master effective, collaborative, and secure research practices.

Highlights from this eBook:

“When it comes to stakeholder engagement, ReOps can be a super power partner to researchers by navigating and managing these key relationships."

"I created a section within our research playbook stating the importance of informed consent, showed the flow participants go through to provide us consent for both moderated and unmoderated studies, and a guide to which consent form they need based on the methodology they are using."

“When it comes to competing priorities in UX Research, try not to dilute the impact of your research by trying to be something to everyone. Make meaningful investments.”

“It is really important that anyone operating in any sort of research function has the ability and the capacity to manage ReOps to a certain extent."