February 23, 2022

YC + Rally

We started Rally because we believe that everyone building, designing, or marketing products should be able to easily talk to their user.

We started Rally because we believe that everyone building, designing, or marketing products should be able to easily talk to their user.

Every day, new digital tools flood the market. For B2B users, the options are abundant and it’s easier than ever before to discover and test new products. But expectations are high, and users are demanding a superior consumer grade experience from the technology they bring into their lives.

So how will the best companies cut through the noise? By deeply and continuously understanding their users. The best teams know that conversations with users unlock understanding and build momentum. They know user research is continuous and collaborative. Most importantly, they understand that users are people - we need to do right by them, keep their data safe, and respect their time.

Rally helps teams make research a ritual, collaborative, and user-centric.

In the modern SaaS org, whether you’re in UX Research, Product, Design, Eng, Sales, Marketing, or CS, it’s everyone’s job to serve the user by understanding them deeply and building excellent experiences that solve real problems. Every stakeholder needs the user, and the user needs every stakeholder. After all, nobody “owns” the user. The user is at the center of it all.

The first problem we’re solving is the nightmare logistical process around user research recruitment. Teams spend hours a week manually pulling user lists, seeking internal approval, sending emails, coordinating calendars, buying gift cards, and cross-referencing / updating messy spreadsheets. It’s hard to collaborate, error prone, and can burn user relationships. These problems compound as teams scale and the demand for research grows.

Rally is the first User Research CRM that makes it easy for teams to talk to their users.

We’ve been around user research our whole careers. Oren has led GTM teams at research software and services firms, including General Catalyst backed Remesh and AlphaSights. Alec has built CRM products at HubSpot and live video technology at Facebook.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Y Combinator has backed our vision. Rally is part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 cohort. We’re opening up our private beta to early users. If you’re looking to level up your user research practice, we’d love to hear from you.

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Rally’s User Research CRM enables you to do better research in less time. Find out how you can use Rally to allow non-researchers and important cross-functional partners to responsibly take part in User Research. Explore Rally now by setting up a demo.