February 5, 2024

Product Update: Integration Launch, Updated Participant Tables, Proactive Compliance & Other Time Savers

a computer screen with the words what's new in rally on it
February 5, 2024

It’s officially February! ❤️ is in the air, and so is the excitement of new time saving features we released in Rally over the month of January. We’ve officially launched our partnership with UserTesting, made significant updates to participant tables, and added several new quality of life updates that will save you even more time in Rally.

Cupid works hard, but our engineers work harder! 💖

Here’s a recap of the updates we launched over the last month:

Rally 🤝 UserTesting Integration Launch 

We’re excited to announce our partnership and integration with UserTesting, which officially hit the headlines on January 30th. 

With the Rally and UserTesting integration, customers can capture rich, video-based insights in UserTesting or UserZoom while tapping into Rally to recruit their own users.

This integration benefits Rally customers who are already using UserTesting to conduct unmoderated tests. It will also benefit research teams using UserTesting who need a way to recruit and manage their own participants for research. 

Read the full changelog post here.

Managing participants just got easier

​​We updated all Participant Tables across Rally whether you’re in Studies, People, Panels, or Incentives so you can view, manage, and organize your participants your way. Customize the layout of all tables in Rally to view important information and navigate through records easily.

Column organization: Reorder and pin columns to make it easy to view participant data in a layout that makes sense to you. 

Save column layout: Once your database, panel or segment is organized how you’d like it in People, Rally will automatically save the layout so that next time you visit, you won’t have to reorganize the columns. Plus, save the layout to everyone’s account in just 1 click.

Scroll to infinity and beyond! …or at least until the end of your participant list. No more pagination. Rally automatically loads participants as you scroll.

Grab a random selection: Make a random selection of participants within a panel, segment or your entire database to add them to a new or existing study. 

Inline menu actions: Send emails, update participant status, add to blocklist, export, remove from study or delete participants in one click.

To get a firsthand look at these changes (spoiler alert - there’s more) and how to use them, visit our support article here.

Search when mapping properties

Save time by searching for properties when mapping screener or survey responses. 

Easier scheduling experience for participants

We updated the scheduling interface in Rally to make it even easier for participants to book an interview. We increased visibility of the next/previous month buttons and timezone selection, plus updated available & unavailable date styling to make it easy and super clear to see which is which. 

Reschedule and cancel interviews in just a few clicks 

We added reschedule and cancel links directly to calendar events. This allows participants (or researchers) to update interviews quickly. 

Incentive claiming is now more clear for participants

We streamlined the incentive claiming experience and updated the incentive redemption email copy so that participants can more easily redeem their incentive. 

Staying ahead of email sending guidelines

With the addition of one-click unsubscribe links, Rally is compliant with Google’s email sending policies outlined here. We are committed to staying proactive with these updates. 

Improvements and Fixes
  • We improved screener and survey skip logic so that disqualified and qualified participants go to the right place after answering a question with conditional logic. 
  • File names of CSVs now match the table they’re exporting from.
  • We changed the button text in a study from “Send email” to “Compose email” so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally sending an email without reviewing it.
  • Panel actions are now the same in the panel vs. viewing all panels. Plus, edit panel details inline instead of only from the Panel Settings.