March 21, 2023

Launching Rally: A CRM that Actually Works for Research

We're officially out of beta! Explore our User Research CRM, learn more about our customers, why User Research is more important than ever, and looking ahead to the future.

About one year ago, we announced our YC funding and set off on a path to build a tool that would make it easy for teams to talk to their users.

Since that announcement, we’ve been busy. We completed Y Combinator W22 batch, raised a seed round, and joined the Stage 2 Capital Accelerator. We’ve grown our founding team and doubled down on our efforts to build great software for Research Ops teams and their stakeholders. We’ve also been lucky to have some amazing teams at Gong, Checkr, PandaDoc, HelloFresh, and Angi adopt Rally as their User Research CRM.

Our favorite part of the whole adventure so far? Hands down, building alongside our users. 💕 There’s no better feeling than uncovering new problems, rapidly releasing features, and immediately getting real customer feedback. There is no way we’d be launching the market-leading User Research CRM this quickly without an incredibly devoted user base that has stuck with us since the beginning.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Rally is officially out of beta 🎉

This launch marks the beginning of our next chapter. We are officially “open for business.” Request a demo, take a virtual tour, read our customer stories, and explore our brand-new website.

This is the very first of many launches to come. 😊 We’re going to continue building Research Ops tools so teams can spend less time on admin and more time talking to their users.

Why User Research needs a CRM

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success functions have long had their own CRM and automation platforms. Sales has Salesforce, Marketing has HubSpot, Customer Success has Gainsight, and so on. It makes sense — customer-facing teams need software to both communicate with their customers and then track those communications.

In recent years, the demand for User Research in software companies has grown dramatically. Whether it’s a UXR, Designer, or PM conducting their own research, the very first step is to identify and recruit users to do research with you. Up until this point, Research teams have been forced to stitch together tools that are not purpose-built for them. These disjointed stacks are time-consuming, manual, and error-prone. This has been leading to lengthy research cycles and harming the quality of insights.

That’s why User Research needs a CRM and why teams are adopting Rally – the first purpose built CRM for research.

Rally — the first purpose-built User Research CRM

The Rally platform helps teams scale and streamline their User Research process. We bring together research recruitment automation and participant management features, in addition to advanced integrations and democratization capabilities, so that teams can easily engage with their users, responsibly and at scale.

After building in beta for over a year and talking with 100s of Research teams around the globe, we’ve decided to intentionally build Rally with these principles in mind:

  • Meeting Research teams where they are through integrations with Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Calendly, Zoom, Tremendous, Qualtrics and more.
  • Offering scalability and flexibility by supporting millions of participant records with robust filtering.
  • Removing data silos with 2-way sync with data warehouses and CRMs like Salesforce to keep data in Rally fresh.
  • Enabling beautiful, frictionless participant experiences with branded email templates, landing pages, and global incentives. 
  • Keeping your customer data safe through fine-grained permissioning with PII masking, best-in-class security infrastructure, and GDPR & CCPA compliance from day one.

Tour Rally or Request a Demo!

We’re fortunate to partner with some of the best Research teams in the world

We are incredibly lucky to have some amazing companies as early customers of Rally.

One of our favorites is the PandaDoc UXR team. Before Rally, PandaDoc was juggling multiple tools and wasting precious time with a disjointed process.

By adopting Rally, the team was able to conduct more studies, save HOURS of time, recruit the right users, and democratize research. 💪 Anastasia Perelaiko, UX Researcher at Pandadoc, said “Compared to all the software that is out there in the market, Rally definitely stands out and offers the best solution for recruiting our user base.” Read more about what Rally unlocked for PandaDoc’s Research function here.

Here’s what some of our other amazing partners have to say:

💕  “A complete and total game-changer.” - Krista Lipps, UX Research Lead at Doximity

💕 “At first, I was skeptical that there was a tool that could actually do everything I was looking for, but as the months have gone by, Rally fits more and more to our needs and makes Research Ops significantly easier.” - Liron Blum, Product Ops Coordinator at Gong

💕  “Rally is the most exciting tool I’ve used.” - Austin Brown, UX Research Manager at BioRender

User research is more important now than ever before

In a downturn, resources are limited, companies die, and every decision matters. Each decision needs to be backed by real customer insights, or else you risk burning months of resources cycling through A/B tests leading to a product nobody will use.

User research is the answer. It helps teams save time, build what users want, and deliver real value. That’s why it’s more important now than ever for companies to listen to their users. 

User Research is also not just limited to User Researchers. Conducting research and talking to users is everyone’s job, no matter if you’re a UXR, PM, or Designer. Rally enables both researchers and non-researchers to spend more time talking to users, responsibly.

One of our early adopters, Megan Scheminske, a Senior UX Researcher at Teachable, agrees. ”Rally is helping us remove the research function as a bottleneck for designers, PMs, and product marketers eager to connect with customers and generate their own insights.”

Looking ahead…

When it comes to building Rally, we’re just getting started! We’re excited to continue to build tools for Research Ops and connect more with the awesome User Research community. Keep doing what you do best (research!) and we’ll take care of the rest. 😉

Rally on,

Oren & Alec

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